Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Blog Intro :)

Suprise . I'm Back , Bitch ! And Coooler than ever ;)

Yeah finally new blog's been updated ! weehoo ~ so yeah this is the new blog site . The old one , * ( i dont remember lah ) was hacked , traced , fucked up and was abused , wtf =.=" *( actually i just lost the password thats all =.=' ) erk HAHA

Hoi i created this blog thingy is for telling you guys stuffs and stories i would like to share , so if u dont mind , i'll be using Bahasa Melayu and English je kot . Alright ? alright je la jangan banyak cakap HAHA

Eh i really miss my old blog lah :(
who doesnt kan ? gila lah banyak sangat stuff i wrote there . Dah la share stories dengan Ain Spongebob tu best -__-'
eeee why lah aku lupa password bodohhhhhh * Fyi aku rasa aku tak tua lagi la nak lupa2 small things macam tu . HAHA Even my IC number I cant remember XD Fuck HAHA

Ha sebelum terlupa semua , the picture here u are seeing , its from my MYSPACE Page . So tak payah lah nak copy2 paste ye . Jerkk =.= * grrrr

My MYSPACE page :

my profile is private so add me up first . HAHA nooob je =.=''

so yeah i'll start my new blog *urgh . From the begining . NOOOOOOOOOOOOO ! i have too , theres no choise =.=' CURSE YOU MEMORY LOST
Its my fault lah jugak kot . siapa suruh lupa right ? HAHA hello budak , i have better things to do , Like ,

  1. Online Myspace and other accounEating eating eating =.='
  2. Eating eating eating
  3. Im a Buisness Woman so paham2 je la kan XD
  4. School , tuitions and squash ? HAHA i dont play squah la and the MAIN reason , Too busy studying =.='

Haaa see ? what else . I'll add it up later . Like i said , " i got better things to do " because i have a life . No offence ;) hee

eh speaking about life kan , Lately macam susah je tau =.=' i thought masuk high school this year boleh jadikan aku seorang yang lebih matang and stuff * eeeeee puhlease la weyh . I was SOOOO wrong ! but still , The high school spirit is really cool :) . Seriously . oyeah i loveeeee high schoool ! :D

HAHA sudah terbanyak cakap la pulak . I thought nak intro my new blog site je but HAHAHAHA dah TERmelalut topik lain pulak dah . haih ~ takpe2 , kita teruskan beramai2 ya !

okay thats all for now * omg pizza menaikkan nafsu ku . so im gonna have dinner lah :)

goodbye yawww , stay tuned to my blog people .


love , Anos sofeooooo XD

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